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Quality Solutions
About Us

Laktis Consulting Food Industry and Trade LTD. STI. It was established in 2017 and takes place in Izmir.

Laktis is preferred in selling start-up culture, laboratory materials and consumables to Turkey for 35 years in the dairy sector. It also offers services.

Our company is the distributor of Bioprox (French) starter culture culture in Turkey. In addition, new alliances and new trajectories with worldwide industry leaders are growing, further expanding product options at customer sourcing and point of sale.

In the approach that our rapid progress cannot progress, it offers corporate approaches based on human resources investments and full understanding.

Sun is on its way to progress in leading presentations in FOOD Turkey, with high quality products, service and customer study combined with this expert expert training.



To be an elite and preferred leader training in the first place in the right and fast way by focusing on the needs of the dealers and manufacturers with the highest quality products.



Students' new technologies for their future

Complete and correct fulfillment for your customer

valuing their employees

Confidence, honesty and commitment to business in our operations

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